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1944 55 limited progress in improving the

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Collective participation by teachers from the same school, grade, or subject; Alignment with state and local standards; Ongoing evaluation. For 30 years, the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute has been developing a unique model for improving teacher quality. The Institute approach includes all of the seven elements of successful professional development programs, five very extensively; and it significantly strengthens teachers in all five of the major dimensions of teacher quality.


At its heart are partnerships between institutions of higher education and public schools. Teachers Institutes offer five to seven seminars each year meeting weekly over roughly three months, led by university or college faculty members, on topics that teachers have selected to increase their mastery of what they teach.

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Institute programs focus on content and pedagogy linked to that content; active teacher learning; extensive teacher leadership; seminars of substantial duration; the development of curriculum units aligned to state and local standards; and they involve continuing evaluations and opportunities for collective participation, though to varying degrees.

In Institute seminars teachers gain more sophisticated content knowledge, and they also enhance their skills by preparing curriculum units adapting the themes of the seminars for their students.

Most teachers are enthusiastic about the seminars and the opportunity to teach the units they have written. They expect more of the students taking them. And they succeed in motivating their students to learn at higher levels.

1944 55 limited progress in improving the

Annual surveys of teacher participants at all four existing Institutes in the last six years confirm earlier results: High percentages said the seminars increased their knowledge A five-year quantitative study of the impact of Institute experiences on teachers and students in New Haven shows that the Institute attracts participants roughly equally from each identifiable demographic group: Though causality cannot be imputed, Institute participants also had nearly twice the retention rate of non-participants in local teaching.

There were no statistically significant effects on the only measures of student achievement for which data were available, standardized test scores and grades. This expected result underlines the need for evaluations focused on the specific outcomes Institutes seek to achieve, including heightened student interest and attendance and improved student content knowledge in curricular areas featured in local district standards and goals.

Other research suggests that Institutes also serve to foster teacher leadership, to develop supportive teacher networks, to heighten university faculty commitments to improving public education, and to foster positive partnerships between school districts and institutions of higher education.

To confirm, maintain, and improve these impacts, it is advisable for Institutes to continue surveys of teacher participants and to undertake a variety of additional continuing quantitative and qualitative studies of the effects of Institutes on student and teacher outcomes.

Section I summarizes the conclusions of recent research on the ingredients of teacher quality and effective professional development programs.

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Section II describes the Teachers Institute approach to improving teacher quality. Section IV reports the results of recent research relying on teacher surveys. Section V describes a quantitative study of the impact of participating in Institute seminars on New Haven teachers and students from the through the academic years.

Section VI details the report's conclusions and recommendations for continuing evaluations of the Teachers Institute approach I. Teacher Quality and Professional Development Programs In recent years, educational researchers have converged on the conclusion that the best way to help students learn is to improve teacher quality.

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