A case scenario on health care outcomes nursing essay

This paper highlights the essentiality of informatics processes and technology in informatics in enhancing the safety of patients and summarizes nursing research that is relevant to the matter.

A case scenario on health care outcomes nursing essay

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According to the Health Resources and Services Administration survey, there are more than 3 million registered nurses RN nationwide. The survey also shows that There are multiple pathways available for one to become a nurse.

We will write a custom essay sample on Adn vs. It was in her doctoral dissertation, Dr. Montag who studied at Adelphi University proposed educating a technical nurse for two years to assist the professional nurse, whom she envisioned as having a baccalaureate degree Clainberg, M.

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The ADN program provides core nursing curriculum with emphasizes on clinical skills. The ADN program, with its limited credit hours vs.

BSN focused only the basics of leadership and management in terms of ancillary staff supervision. The ADN programs do not focus on nor does it prepare nurses for graduate study.

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The baccalaureate phenomenon caught on slowly and did not gain much momentum until after World War II primarily due to its length. Most baccalaureate programs are now 4 academic years in length, and the nursing major is typically concentrated at the upper division level.

Baccalaureate nursing programs includes all of the course material covered in associate degree and diploma programs plus a more in-depth coverage of the physical and social sciences, nursing research, public and community health, nursing management, and the humanities.

To prepare nurses for this multifaceted role, several components are essential for all baccalaureate programs. Patient is a 40 year old Native American male with past medical history significant of Type II Diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

Patient is non compliant with medications and presents to the hospital with a complex foot ulcer. An ADN nurse will educate the patient on the disease process, wound care, the impact diet, activity and medication compliancy will have on clinical outcome.

A BSN nurse with additional education employs evidence based practice and critical thinking skills will collaborate with the interdisciplinary team and involve additional consults: The fact that new nurses pass the licensing exam at the same rate does not mean that all entry-level nurses are equally prepared for practice AACN, The NCLEX tests for minimum technical competency for safe entry into basic nursing practice.

Quality patient care hinges on having a well educated nursing workforce. Research has shown that lower mortality rates, fewer medication errors, and positive outcomes are all linked to nurses prepared at the BSN and graduate degree levels.

A case scenario on health care outcomes nursing essay

BSN provides additional education which will allows nurses to enter in various other specialties such as education, leadership, research and development, interdisciplinary collaboration, community and public health, and graduate studies, advance nursing practice and nurse anesthesia.

The impact of education on nursing practice.May 22,  · Critical Thinking Scenario – Nursing Essay Critical thinking is an essential part of a nurse’s professional growth because it determines the quality of decisions made in the course of practice.

In this case, there is a patient who is elderly, just retired, and is aged 60 years old. A typical patient in my practice usually presents after we have already met in the hospital setting.

A case scenario on health care outcomes nursing essay

Often times, their first ‘office visit’ is a post operative contact, which typically days post-op. My ortho practice is focused on trauma, but with some degree of .

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CASE SCENARIO The following patient scenario will describe how nursing care or approaches to decision-making may differ based upon the educational preparation of the nurse (BSN versus a diploma or ADN degree) Case study: Patient is a 40 year old Native American male with past medical history significant of Type II Diabetes, hypertension and.

By conducting nursing assessments, key information is obtained to aid the improvement of Roses’ health and develop a plan of care, which will ultimatly enable Rose to establish control of her own health (The Royal College of Nursing (RCN), ).

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Prepare for disclosure communications by using four scenarios to practice challenging interpersonal communications. Latest available findings on quality of and access to health care. Data. Data. Data Infographics; Case Scenarios: Handling Challenging Communications. AHRQ Communication and Optimal Resolution Toolkit. Case management, or internal case management “within the walls” of the health care facilities was created to streamline costs while maintaining quality care (Jacob & Cherry, ). Hospitals felt the pinch of payment shortfalls in the early to mids resulting from the . Case Study - Pancreatic Cancer Case Study. Cancer and Epigenetics Essay - Cancer is a horrible disease that takes thousands of loved ones from their families every year, while millions of dollars are being pumped into cancer research, in hope to find a cure.

Extract of sample Mental biopsychosocial model together with recovery framework are incorporated in the delivery of the clients health care. This paper will be informed by .

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