A damage culture is a new

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A damage culture is a new

Posted February 3, by Carly Dell in Managing Your Team Moving offices is a big task, and so is maintaining company culture while you're at it. Here are Kisi's 5 tips to keep company culture after the move. This guest post is brought to you by Kisi. Kisi makes it easy to manage employee and visitor keys to your office with smartphone access.

Companies relocate for a number of reasons. Employees are the lifeblood of your business and keep the wheels turning, so ensuring the transition is as seamless as possible for them is imperative.

No company — or even team — is alike in their work environment preference, so finding a way to meet the needs of all your employees can be challenging. The holy grail of office design is one that encourages collaboration and communication among employees, yet offers privacy and tranquility for those who require it.

When designing your space, keep in mind what your employees need; is it small conference rooms for meetings or conference calls? Enclaves for your dev team to escape to when coding?

Depending on the size and types of teams at your company, you should create a space where your employees will be comfortable and, most importantly, productive.

Liven up your space with branded furniture and swag to support your company vision, values, or story. Poppin in a great option for modern office furniture that will speak to your employees and customers.

Invest in Smart Office Technology Technology in the office can be used to promote collaboration amongst the team, make the office run more efficiently, and even control the climate and environment.

When employees rally around specific tools, the team naturally becomes more cohesive. These tools add a layer of empowerment to your business and company culture.


If you have meeting rooms in your office, add a Robin room scheduler to enable employees to schedule meetings in the room. The Robin iPad provides visual queues to those in the office for when a room is booked or open for use.

If the meeting has guests or outside visitors attending, you can issue visitor keys to them through the Kisi smartphone access control system. This type of technology use in the office provokes curiosity and innovation amongst employees — two characteristics of a very healthy business.

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Connect the speaker system to a Spotify collaborative playlist and ask everyone to contribute. This encourages each employee to bring their own flavor to the sound of the office, empowering everyone to be a part of the culture. Plan for Growth A common reason for moving the company office is the need for more space.

For growing businesses, leases are often too long and static. Not only do cramped offices reduce productivity, they have a negative effect on your overall culture. Employees should get the sense that there is room and a plan to scale the team.

Your space should reflect this — there should be ample room to grow your team within the terms of your lease.

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Tools like PivotDeska marketplace that allows growing businesses to find flexible shared spaces, give employers the option to sign a flexible agreement as opposed to a lease for a shared space where they can grow without fear of having to break their lease.

Organize Company Events in the Office Hosting a company event in your new office is a great way to get your employees acclimated with areas of the space they might not have had the chance to explore. Something as simple as a catered lunch in the new boardroom gives your employees the opportunity to step away from their work and enjoy a meal with coworkers.

Employees are encouraged to ask questions and engage with the presenter, as it helps build community among different teams, fosters learning and growth, and encourages transparency across the company — things that are crucial during a time of transition sparked by an office move.

A damage culture is a new

Other ideas for company events in the office include: A great way to get employees out and about in the neighborhood is to host an event at a nearby bar or restaurant.

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