Anorexia destroys the suffers body and personality

Psychiatric and somatic comorbidities are elucidated. It provides an overview of diagnostic interviews and screening questionnaires. Historical development of psychiatric diagnoses[ edit ] What is a diagnosis?

Anorexia destroys the suffers body and personality

You hear the word anorexia, you think weight loss. If only the consequence of this illness was that limited.

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Although anorexia is a psychological disease, it behaves more like a physical disease, namely cancer. A cancer cell may begin its life in the breast, brain or bone; but given enough time, it will metastasize throughout the body with a singular goal of destroying all healthy tissue it encounters.

Similarly, anorexia may start with a simple diet and associated weight loss. Instead, it strives to destroy her mind, spirit, relationships, future, and ultimately, her life.

Sadly, it is often successful on every front.

Anorexia destroys the suffers body and personality

In fact, this disease enjoys the highest fatality rate of any psychiatric disorder. In the case of a celebrity death, the media provides coverage.

So What Is Borderline Personality Disorder?

Perhaps the first recognized case was that of Karen Carpenter in the early 8Os. An anorexic who relied on ipecac for vomiting, she died of heart failure.

Years later, she was followed by Christina Renee Henrich, a world-class gymnast who died in Ana Carolina Reston Macan, a famous Brazilian model, died inand Isabelle Caro, a French actress, and model succumbed to the disease in Interestingly and ironically, this second model had displayed her shockingly skinny body in an advertising campaign designed to raise awareness of anorexia.

One has to wonder if she had sought expert treatment for anorexia — would she have lived and thrived? So, when a celebrity dies, it makes headlines.

But what about the thousands of women and girls and men who will die this year from the same disease? Their stories, though equally important, will probably go unreported.

How Dangerous Are The Long Term Effects of Anorexia?

Certainly, the majority of those who have anorexia will not die. But make no mistake, the long-term consequences of this disease can be severe. Medical Implications of Anorexia Nervosa The health consequences related to anorexia are noticeable: Unfortunately, the long-term and far more severe medical issues cannot be seen on the surface.

The brain actually shrinks due to lack of nutrition with a commensurate lowering of IQ. The skeletal system is damaged, especially if the anorexia occurs in adolescents before the bones are fully developed.

This bone loss is usually permanent. Perhaps the most endangered organ in the body is the heart. In fact, the most common cause of death in anorexics is heart disease. Much of this is related to muscle deterioration.


As the body strives to maintain life, it starts consuming its own muscle; in effect, it starts eating itself.Each person’s personality arises from the different components of the mind, patterns of actions from the past, and the influence of subtle energy centers within the body.

These various forces combine not only to establish who we are, but continually exert their influences to perpetuate who we are. Anorexia nervosa, anorexia for short, is an eating disorder that can have fatal consequences.

People suffering from anorexia consume very restrictive quantities of food, which leads to starvation. Got 23andme done, turns out I have really shitty methylation pathyways, particularly by the the way my body uses b12 (MTRR). This made sense, as I was glutathione deficient.

The Social Importance of Self-Esteem

I am going to try SAM-E tommorow and see if that helps. When comparing abused to nonabused men, it was found that men with any sort of abuse history had a greater amount of personality psychopathology connected with the general personality disorder symptoms and Dependent, Avoidant and Borderline (BPD) symptoms.

A client diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder who attacks the nursing staff B.

Anorexia destroys the suffers body and personality

A client diagnosed with diabetes mellitus who has a history of multiple severe assaultive acts C. A client diagnosed with schizophrenia who sets fires because of command hallucinations D.

Someone extremely close to me suffered from anorexia nervosa, but her behavioral patterns were caught early and after hospitalization and years of therapy, she has come to accept (though admittedly not love) her body.

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