Arches watercolor paper

It literally sets the standard for quality watercolor paper. Made at the Arches mill in France, which has been in continuous operation since Everything about this paper is superior quality.

Arches watercolor paper

Arches oil paper, described as needing no preparation or ground for painting oil paintings on paper, I considered all the possible ways I could work with it. At first I thought of tinting the paper both transparently and opaquely with watercolor, gouache, acrylic—and oil.

Then it occurred to me that what would make the most sense was to explore the fundamental attribute of this paper; that is, its ability to transmit light through the color. Would oil on Arches oil paper be as beautiful? Unlike works on watercolor paper, works done on Arches oil paper can be framed without glass, as the surface can be varnished which may increase the perceived value of the work.

Arches watercolor paper

And lastly, Arches oil paper does not cockle when you flood on the solvent; instead it remains perfectly flat. I wanted to see how Arches oil paper would handle color in a traditional, transparent manner.

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I also spattered oil color to create various pitted textures. Finally, I used the back handle of the Arches watercolor paper to scrape away color. Then Arches watercolor paper watched to see that the marks became darker on drying, as in traditional watercolor. You need a set plan, in other words.

An oil wash with a staining color, for example, I found very difficult to lighten by scrubbing and, because of this, the only way to go lighter would be to go opaque. For some, that could be a drawback, but for me it was reminiscent of my days as an illustrator when I worked on unprimed illustration board.

I liked that superabsorbent quality that allowed for quick progression on a piece. As an illustrator, my concerns at the time were expediency, but the Arches oil paper that we have today is totally archival.

Arches oil paper has its own charm, one that I look forward to exploring more over time. Working in Oil Paint on Paper 1. Arches oil paper is made from percent cotton; it features a barrier that absorbs water and solvents but allows pigments to sit on top of the paper.

Transparent oil wash in sky area 2. With mineral spirits as my medium, I chose to start my painting with transparent oil washes that indicated the sky color and ground plane—keeping the general atmosphere in mind.


I knew that second and third washes, combined with final opaque passages, were at my disposal. Because the Arches oil paper is very absorbent, I noted that once the washes were in place, they were there to stay.

Arches watercolor paper

Transparent washes on ground plane 3. As a result, I could go very far transparently. Drawing is key here. Bear in mind that the marks you make will stay in place until an opaque passage is introduced over it. Semitransparent ground line 4.

In the second stage, I brushed in the distant shoreline in a semitransparent manner, using terra rosa and cobalt blue and a hint of opaque orange over the wash to give me the depth that I needed. Working forward in space 5.

As the painting progressed, I worked forward in space—the snowy ground plane, the foreground hillside, and then on to the trees, bushes, and all the little touches of warm and cool that create a sense of light falling upon the landscape. Drybrush, knife work, and scumbling 6. Here you see the final painting: Visit his website at www.The Arches Watercolor block offers professional grade paper for watercolors, with buffered, acid-free, and flawless textured paper surfaces.

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This block with 20 sheets of paper is bound on every side and made from percent cotton. Arches Bright White Watercolor Paper Sheets. lbs. Cold Press Ordering 1 sheet = 4 quartered sheets. For shipping, the full sheet (22×30) is torn into quarters creating FOUR 11×15 sheets of watercolor paper.

May 11,  · How to Choose Artists' Watercolor Paper. Selecting artists' watercolor paper can be tricky, because there are so many kinds to choose from.

This article will tell you, the buyer, what to look for. Familiarize yourself with the types of. Canson Arches French Bound Rough Watercolor Paper Pad 9x12 $ Add To Cart.

Canson Arches French Bound Hot Press Watercolor Paper Pad 9x12 $ Add To Cart. Neenah Cardstock, Neenah Classic Crest Solar White, 25 pk $ Add To Cart. Videos. Arches Oil Paint Paper. Arches Oil is a French made gsm ( lb), 4 deckeled edge paper specially formulated for oil painting, yet it maintains the look and feel of traditional Arches papers.

Arches Watercolor Paper- Cold Press lbs 22"x30" ITEM # Arches Watercolor Paper- Cold Press lbs 22"x30" ITEM # $ QTY ADD TO MY BAG PERSONALIZE IT. Please enter a value greater than 1 Please enter a value less than item(s.

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