Assessing the relative stage of development of children at calvary christian college

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Assessing the relative stage of development of children at calvary christian college

Can a Christian use it? Is it connected with new age and esotheric? I must say that I have not made a deep study on this subject.

But I have seen the bad effects of it on Christians and their spiritual lives. Many who have problems in their prayer life, like--lack of concentration, distractions, feelings of tiredness, yawning during prayer, pains on all over the body during prayers especially when they call upon the Name of Jesus, bad imaginations especially immoral ones during Christian meditation etc- have admitted that they were having homeopathy treatments, and when I have asked them to stop homeopathy, they were able pray well.

Recently a man came and told me that he is not able to pray in tongues although he was in the Charismatic renewal and prayergroups for a long time.

Assessing the relative stage of development of children at calvary christian college

He was taking homeomedicines for insomnia. When I asked him to stop the medicines and to take normal scholastic allopothy medicines, he was able to sleep and was able to pray in tongues. One religious sister in Slovenia told me that she was asked by the Doctor who gave her Homeo medicines for the cure of her cancer to stop having Holy Communion for the better effect of the medicines.

Many people in Germany, Austria and France told me that the Homeopathy doctors, while giving medicines, advise them not make the sign of the Cross or call the Name of Jesus before taking Homeo medicines, as normal Christians do everything with a sign of the Crass or a small prayer.

Why this exception to homeopathy? Perhaps the Sign of the Cross or the Name of Jesus may bombard the power or energy in the Homeomedicines!


I have a testimony to share with you. Thirteen years before a catholic Homeopathy doctor asked me to bless his Homeo Clinic. Gladly I went to his clinic and blessed the clinic with the normal prayers from the Roman ritual and springled the Holy Water all over as he requested.

After a few days he came and told me, Father James, after your blessing and springling of the Holy water over my clinic and medicines, I had to throw away all the medicines as they lost the "potency".

Thank God he did not threaten to sue me!


Then I asked the doctor himself the reason of medicine's loosing the "potency" power while I prayed with the power of the Holy Spirit. He had to admit that the power in the medicines was something contrary to the power of the Holy Spirit.

The doctor himself admitted his ignorance of the origin of this power or potency. He said that the main effect of Homeomedicines is placebo effect.

It is clear that the potency is a hidden power occult power. I do not make any judgement about Homeopathy as I am not an expert about it, but one thing I will say to my Chiristian brethren that it is not good for a Christian to use them or to practice them, whatever "good" effect it may bring upon the sick people.

Many esotheric and new age treatments alternative therapies advertise saying "they are cheap and they have no side effects" but they don't say the main side effect on Christians that "they take people away from Christ and the Church, and the Salvation which Christ has brought to this world".

Here I publish a few articles and excerpts of some eminent doctors and experts on this matter and I leave the discernment and judgement to the readers. The philosophical attitude of the homeopathy-related esotericism: How esotericism and symbols without sound evidence is a negationist approach towards reality I would like to start with a personal thinking on my own: He worked for him as a doctor or family practitioner and had the additional task of arranging the Baron's large and valuable collection of books and ancient coins.

He also had the chance to learn some of the Magyar, Rumanian and Slavonic languages of that area. The Baron introduced Hahnemann to the Freemasons lodge in Hermanstadt and he was accepted as a member of the Brotherhood to which he remained a faithful member in his later life.

The Masons studied esoteric doctrines based on the ancient mysteries of Egypt and Greece and carried on a tradition of initiation, meditation and prayer. It was in the Masonic Temple that Hahnemann developed his deep views of life as a spiritual process of transformation which helped him to see through the blind materialism and atheism that was dominating the fields of science during the beginning of the scientific revolution.

The Masons were one of the groups within the Deist movement i. For example, the American Revolution was inspired by an inner group of Masons centered around Benjamin Franklin As much people actually knows, that was probably the motif for which on the US dollar is the capstone of the great pyramid with the eye of wisdom and the words "In God We Trust".

Obviously, this is one of the popular myth and suggestions concerning US dollars. In Europe those free thinkers who wished to keep these classical lineages going met secretly and discussed philosophy and human rights. Mozart wrote this work to spearhead a successful campaign for the entry of women into the Masonic Temple.

Both Emanuel Schikaneder, the Author of The Magic Flute libretto and Mozart were Masons and lodge brothers, as was Ignaz Alberti, engraver and printer of the first libretto of the opera. In addition, the opera was also influenced by the Enlightenment philosophy, and can be regarded as an allegory advocating enlightened absolutism.

Therefore, homeopathy arose within a historical age characterized by Deist movements, Egyptian esotericism, Freemasonry lodges and Enlightenment, over those abysmal pages showing Terror of the French Revolution.

Do Catholics know it? Catholics should lay their trust in medicine to a tough consistency in real objects, reality is the factual expression of God, as Jesus Christ has a physical, human body, besides His Holy Deity Spirit and henceforth medicine is greatly defined by a close relationship with real facts and concrete, with real, raw bodies, I would mean, with practical experience, never dreams or sophisms.

The origin of homeopathy is particularly suspect, because its philosophical background is anti-Christian and anti-Catholic, as it arises within a Freemasonry deist context. Interestingly, there are still many convicted catholic researchers who never raise the odd relationship between Freemasonry and homeopathy, then falling down in a contradictory and awkward situation whenever they speak and write.2 Calvary Christian College Enrolments Children wishing to be enrolled in Pre-Prep must turn four (4) by 30 June of the school year.

From , Pre-Prep became the entry point for the Springwood Campus. Review questions and practical activities nestled within each chapter are designed to give additional insights, provoke thought and application of the materials presented, and further help Christian women in their journey of spiritual growth and development.

The results of studies which have analysed routinely collected health and administrative data from the UK to estimate the number of children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions, the stage of condition of these children and the benefits of specialist palliative care input in this population will be presented.

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