Block making business plan in nigeria africa

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Block making business plan in nigeria africa

Share 22 Shares Everyone of us know what cement block is used for, but few of us know the money making potential that exist in the business of block making.

Cement block industry business can earn you as much as one million naira monthly. Wait until I explain to you how it works. Experience From Cement Block Industry Business My former neighbor woman who lives just a stone throw from where I previously lived in Ikorodu area of Lagos State is an example of what cement block industry business can do.

We used to call her Iya Ibeji and like most other persons in that area, she and her household were struggling to survive until when she started a cement bock industry in a piece of land she rented nears her house.

At first, no one take her seriously. People where wondering how could a woman with children run a cement block industry business successfully? No one believed there is enough block making business plan in nigeria africa in the business to warrant such trouble. People thought she would just fold up after some months, but that did not deter her from carrying on with her planned project of moving from just idea to business.

In less than two years, she was able to fully acquire the previously rented land from the owner, built three flats of two bedrooms each for rent, renovated their previously dilapidated house, and bought a supply truck! All within two years of running the cement block industry business! She make more than a million naira per month from the business on a good season.

The most interesting part of it all is that, she barely lift a finger. She is not the one mixing the cements, she is also not the one molding the blocks, neither is she the one loading or offloading the blocks.

All she does is supervise and manage her finance while her money work for her. At the end of every working day, she will smile to the bank with thousands of naira made from the business that she barely lift her fingers on.

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There were people living in that area who had more money that she had at that point in time. But none of them thought in that direction until she got it going. Today, she is the envy of everyone including those who previously thought she was wasting her time.

Money come and go on daily basis but if your idea is solid, the tiniest money in your hands can be turned into mega millions within a short time. One of the business ideas through which you can multiply the money in your hands right now is none other than starting your own cement block industry business in your area straight away!

If you are ready to give it a try, I am willing to show you how. Acquire A Land — A 60 x plot of land preferably in a new and developing site is very good, that will be able to accommodate your blocks and other materials. If you can get something bigger, that will be better but a plot is just very OK.

You can either buy or rent one, but buying is better!

block making business plan in nigeria africa

Besides, vehicle may be sinking in a swampy land thereby making your work more difficult. A dry land is my type of recommended property for setting up a Block Industry. Buy Diesel Lister — That will be used to power your block molding machine.

There are single and double cylinders, go for the single cylinder because the single one consume laser diesel and can power all your equipment effectively. You can use it to power your molding machine, your pumping machine and your generating set. Original ones work better, consume less Automatic Block Industry Machine diesel, make lesser noise, and last longer.

Sink A Borehole — You need plenty of water in a Block Industry; apart from the water for mixing the sand and cements, you will need water to water the molded block too. Buying water will not be cost effective in doing all these, so the best choice that I recommend is to dig your own well or borehole.

Get A Block Molder — The molder is different from the Diesel Lister, the molder is the actual machine where the block is molded from; they call it Vibrating Machine, that is the machine that make those noises you hear from block industry. It is constructed locally by local welders who specialized in doing that.

I have once accompanied my boss to buy the block molder in Ibadan during those days when I used to work in a block industry.Nigeria is the largest oil and gas producer in Africa.

Crude oil from the delta basin comes in two types: light, and comparatively heavy – the lighter around 36 gravity and the heavier, 20–25 gravity. Both types are paraffinic and low in sulfur.


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The manufacturing industry in Nigeria and many other countries across Africa is growing at a faster pace because of the attention it now receives. The economies of these nations are largely dependent on imports, and the negative impacts of this is driving the countries to create great incentives.

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