Essay about immigration in lebanon

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Essay about immigration in lebanon

Other people arriving at the Syrian border included tourists from the Gulf region Essay about immigration in lebanon were required to pay to enter Syria, as well as a number of poor Palestinian refugees who were rejected.

About 15, American citizens many of Lebanese origin were evacuated, as were thousands of Europeans and Australians. In major southern cities like Tyre, infrastructure was so badly damaged that people often were trapped without access to food, water, electricity, or medical care.

Essay about immigration in lebanon

In cooperation with the Lebanese government and the United Nations, Sweden hosted an international donor conference on August 31 that brought together about 60 governments and organizations to discuss humanitarian needs and early reconstruction efforts in Lebanon.

The plight of Lebanese citizens has received extensive media coverage around the world. However, another important population has been often left out of the picture: Their hardships began well before the conflict, yet their stories were rarely told in the media.

Essay about immigration in lebanon

Estimates of the number of migrants in Lebanon vary widely since no official records are kept on the migrant population. In the formal economy, it is estimated that foreign workers, mainly from Sri Lanka and Egypt, make up 30 percent of the official workforce, particularly in the domestic and service sectors.

Refugees, the majority of whom are Palestinian, and asylum seekers make up about 10 percent of the total Lebanese population of 3. Finally, it highlights the efforts of the Lebanese diaspora to help fellow nationals. Lebanese in Syria and the Internally Displaced By the time Lebanon and Israel signed the ceasefire agreement, the number of Lebanese displaced by the conflict had reached nearly one million.

Of those, aboutfound refuge in Syria. AnotherIDPs escaped to mountainous regions of Lebanon, where they were sheltered in schools or in homes of host families.

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Throughout the crisis, the Syrian government has emphasized its support for Lebanon. Political support was also reflected in its general openness to displaced Lebanese arriving in Syria. Even in poor rural towns, Syrians accepted refugees into their homes and donated what little food and blankets they owned.

In response, many countries, including Argentina, Bahrain, and others, sent assistance to Syria in the form of monetary contributions or shipments of supplies. The Turkish government sent nearly 40 truckloads of humanitarian supplies to assist Lebanese in need. Soon after the ceasefire announcement, many displaced Lebanese chose to make the journey home despite fears that they would have nothing to which to return.

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Because authorities and agencies are concentrating their relief operations in the hardest-hit towns, people in outlying areas remain in shelters, awaiting assistance to return home. They either have no home return to or fear the return is too dangerous. Their fears are not unfounded: Both the displaced and returning populations suffer from a lack of food, medicine and safe drinking water.

Since extreme fuel shortages shut down many hospitals, UNHCR and other aid agencies are coordinating relief operations to send tons of fuel to southern Lebanon. Migrant Workers Migrant Workers in Lebanon: A majority of migrant workers are women, most of them working in the domestic sector.

The governments of Sri Lanka and the Philippines encouraged emigration for the purpose of obtaining remittances from workers abroad.

No formal agreements existed between Lebanese and Asian governments to facilitate the movement of migrants. Instead, Lebanese employment agencies established relationships with Asian agencies, and migrants were recruited based on the demands of Lebanese employers.

From the early s until the start of the year civil war inLebanese households employed local and foreign Arab women as domestic workers. During the oil boom, Lebanese employers began importing Asian labor, a practice adopted from the Gulf states.

This allowed them to hire workers who were more submissive and who would work for lower wages than Lebanese, Syrian, and other Arab workers. Additionally, as a result of heightened political tensions after the civil war, some employers preferred to hire Asian or African women, who were less likely to cause tension in the household than local Arab women who may have been from opposing religious or political factions.

According to CAS, 90, work permits were issued to foreigners in see Figure 1.

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But, according to some foreign embassy records, the number of their nationals is three times the CAS figure.Workers from Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, the Philippines, Ethiopia, and elsewhere have been coming to Lebanon since the oil boom of the s.

A majority of migrant workers are women, most of them working in the domestic sector. Illegal Immigrants in Lebanon Essays Words 7 Pages Although Lebanon does not consider itself to be a receiving country, it has been a destination or transit state for .

Sample Essay on Syrian Refugees Crisis: Is There Place for People Who Run Posted by Kimberly Austin on November 25 Since the beginning of the Syrian war in , many have fled the country and settled in the neighboring states, including Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt.

Essay on Syrian Immigrants in Lebanon - Back in the early 90's, when the civil war ended in Lebanon, the major part of the buildings and streets were completely deteriorated.

Thousands of people were homeless and thousands lost their jobs. Essay on Syrian Immigrants in Lebanon - Back in the early 90's, when the civil war ended in Lebanon, the major part of the buildings and streets were completely deteriorated.

Thousands of people were homeless and thousands lost their jobs. immigration in lebanon Essay Lebanon: A Country of Emigration and Immigration Dr Paul Tabar Paul Tabar is the director of the Institute for Migration Studies and Associate Professor of Sociology/Anthropology at the Lebanese American University.

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