How to solve the foreclosure crisis essay

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How to solve the foreclosure crisis essay

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How to solve the foreclosure crisis essay

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I look for it. Because that was a long time ago and Zahra, now 55, has since found peace from those life-altering events. Zahra diligently went back to work, as she had since when she and Ben left everything they knew in Iran and moved to the United States in search of treatment for their baby son, Sourena.

She got out of bed, quickly showered and was driven by Ben to the clinic. They arrived at 5: Annoyed at being awakened so early, especially on a Friday, the day of rest in Iran, the doctor hastily examined her.

He noted that Zahra had a long way to go and complained that first-time mothers were too soft. He then had the audacity to return to bed instructing the nurses to let him sleep until it was absolutely necessary. Zahra made little commotion about her labor pains but continued to tell the nurses she needed help, to no avail.

The doctor finally returned around 9: There was no time to administer anesthesia so he proceeded to operate without it. The doctor and nurses whisked him away and administered oxygen in a desperate attempt to revive him.

For nearly ten minutes after the delivery, Sourena was without oxygen until, miraculously, the tiny baby started to breathe. But unbeknownst to anyone in the room, his fate had already been decided.

Focusing on her work helped her ignore the lurking stress. Undaunted, Sourena had shifted his focus towards being an entrepreneur. He was determined to succeed as an author and motivational speaker in spite of his severe Cerebral Palsy that robbed him of muscle control, the ability to speak clearly, and confined him to a life of needing assistance with everything from bathing and using the restroom to getting dressed and eating.

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Ben had sold his last restaurant in after Sourena graduated from the University of Southern California USC so that he could be free to take care of Sourena and Zahra was supporting all three of them. And as Zahra said, she always focused on the good things in her life which at the moment included cheering for her beloved Lakers as they finished up the regular season and pursued repeating as NBA Champions.

Jim had known me my entire life—he and my Dad were high school friends and my parents set up Jim and his wife, Gail. Yes, he has a vision for his life, and he has a strong work ethic — his mind is running all the time.

He is a total inspiration to everyone with whom he comes into contact as he has the ability to connect the dots of life, when he has not been able to experience it all.

Forget about all of my friends, my wonderful assistants, my good times. I had the same reaction as Jim. What an amazing story. Coincidentally, I happened to be familiar and comfortable being around someone with Cerebral Palsy.

From his essay, I knew he was extremely intelligent, passionate and, above all, patient. Conversation required an inordinate amount of focus for Sourena. He had to fight against his jerking head while often repeating the same word or sentence multiple times.

Even though I could understand a lot of what he was saying, sometimes it still took him several minutes to make a simple point. Local News, Politics, Entertainment & Sports in Providence, RI

I spent the meeting listening and translating for Jim… Sourena wanted to write an autobiography. He spoke of his love for his parents and sister and of how many people had helped him.

How he organized a team of tutors to help him with his schoolwork. He was getting ready to graduate and two things were weighing on him. He wanted to find a job. And he wanted to find someone to share his life with. He knew at first glance, most people would write him off so he figured if he wrote a book and people had the chance to see how strong his mind was, how genuine his soul was…that he might find what he was looking for.

Sourena was ready to start his book. His determination and enthusiasm were contagious. I suggested we meet once a week.On August 5, , moments after the U.S. government watched a rating agency lower its credit rating for the first time in American history, the market for U.S.

Treasury bonds soared. TIVERTON — A fire at 88 Crandall Road on Wednesday afternoon that started in the kitchen killed three dogs that were overcome by smoke. Tiverton Fire Captain Craig Committo said the owner was. Solving the Foreclosure Crisis Essay Words | 5 Pages.

The foreclosure crisis was one of the harbingers of the coming economic recession. This was the issue that shifted the focus of the presidential election from the Iraq War to the economy. How to Solve the Foreclosure Crisis Essay How to Solve the Foreclosure Crisis Over the past few years, the U.S government has proposed and put into effect many different ideas in hopes of at least slowing down the amount of Americans losing their homes within the U.S.

during this recession but as a result, the amount of homes being foreclosed. The Scholarship Program encourages students to offer innovative ideas and solutions to "solve the foreclosure crisis" in the form of an essay.

Essay submissions must be between and words and all accepted freshman and enrolled under-graduate and . More than 1, current and/or college-bound students nationwide answered the call during the Scholarship Program, submitting essays of 1, words or more on 'How to Solve the Foreclosure Crisis.'.

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