Interactive whiteboard research papers

Student Achievement Reviews and Testimonials This book offers From across the continents, the authors explore the relationship between the affordances of IWB technology and the aims of education. I would encourage everyone involved in the introduction and use of IWBs to read this book.

Interactive whiteboard research papers

White Papers John Deere See how Herman Miller helped John Deere create and test settings where highly collaborative teams can seamlessly transition between group and individual work. An emerging work style most popular in information technology, scrum teams are small, intensely collaborative groups that work on short-term projects in close proximity—a setup designed to spur rapid innovation.

To facilitate the transition, John Deere replaced its cubicles with rectangular tables aligned in a benching layout that removes barriers to team interaction.

Though this arrangement has some limitations, it works fairly well. Scrum team members can see each other always, chat whenever, and gather easily.

And for any more extensive team discussion, they usually wander away to find either a room or whiteboard—acceptable, but not ideal. Interaction has to be seamless and happen naturally. During a visit to the Herman Miller Design Yard in Holland, Michigan, Schrock caught sight of a prototype that showed promise in supporting the work style John Deere envisioned for its scrum teams.

Called Locale, the line springs from Herman Miller research that identified a growing preference for casual, continual, and convenient collaboration, while still acknowledging that even collaborators sometimes need to be solitary.

As it happened, Herman Miller was seeking a customer to serve as a beta site for the purpose of fine-tuning Locale; Schrock promptly volunteered John Deere. Individual work surfaces can serve as a meeting point on the spur of the moment. A Neighborhood in the Living Office Designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin created Locale with the intention of allowing teams to transition easily between individual and group work in open plan office environments.

The product dovetails with an emerging Herman Miller concept called Living Office, a holistic approach to helping individuals and organizations customize their methods, tools, and places of work to express and enable shared character and purpose.

As part of this approach, Herman Miller has identified 10 Activities—workplace behaviors people engage in no matter what kind of work they do, or if they do it together or alone. Living Office provides people with a variety of settings, or spaces optimized to support these Activities.

At John Deere, a small team of Intelligent Solutions Group managers are testing Locale in a square-foot Clubhouse Setting—a working neighborhood that gives project teams multiple points for individual and group tasks and the freedom to shift instantly and intuitively among them.

In one half of the space, work surfaces cantilever off a low, linear workbase that houses power and provides storage. This grouping of individual work points takes advantage of co-location to help drive work forward. In the other half—just a couple of steps away—mobile easels and a display unit define an interactive area containing a small table and a large monitor.

The compact space is near individual work points and is designed for brief meetings of small groups. For meetings requiring a bit more than a desktop—more time, more room, more technology—team members gather in the adjacent collaboration space.

A large monitor provides an option for sharing ideas. One sits and focuses on his computer much of the day. The rest shift between sitting and standing by raising or lowering their work surface— whatever feels most comfortable or productive. Screens and monitors between facing work surfaces provide a measure of privacy without jeopardizing proximity.

That sense of personal space is even keener because work surfaces are generously sized. Impromptu stand-up meetings are even easier because surfaces are not only height adjustable, but also cantilevered—there are no legs to obstruct movement as teammates congregate.

Locale provides easy transitions between group work requiring convenient collaboration and individual work requiring intense focus. The faster we can transition between the two, the more efficient we can be.

For issues a bit more involved, team members simply step into the adjacent Locale collaboration space. Locale elements inside the space include a small table, a display unit that houses a large monitor on one side and a pair of freestanding screens that add definition.

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In addition, the space offers a handful of stackable Caper chairs that team members use and move into different spaces as needed. The Intelligent Solutions Group had experimented a bit with lounge areas furnished with soft seating, but found they were rarely used.

The resulting Locale collaboration space hits the sweet spot for the way ISG team members work together—less staid than a conference room, less casual than a lounge, and more engaging than either. Freestanding screens give definition to the collaboration space, keeping it open enough to feel inviting and closed enough to feel private.Essay Writing Help 24/7.

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Interactive whiteboard research papers

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Your search returned over essays for " - The interactive whiteboard has been in use in the corporate arena for many years and has been successful in making impact on customers through a seamless presentation of data.

The interactive whiteboard has made a jump. Do you have a blackboard, a whiteboard or an IWB? Whatever type of board you have in your classroom it is important to be organised and .

Free Interactive Primary science or Elementary Key Stage 1 Science for kids teacher resources.

Interactive whiteboard research papers

Science Games for kids, Learning science in a fun way. Interactive Whiteboards for Education: Theory, Research and Practice emphasizes the importance of professional development, credible educational research, and dialogue between teachers, administrators, policymakers and learners.

This book intends to guide and inform the process of technology integration in education, introducing valuable case studies for educators interested in present and future IWB .

An Elevated Experience of Work. Our research-driven insights take shape in Living Office, which recognizes that the most effective workplaces are designed for people and the complex ways we work both together and alone.

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