Neemix patent essay

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Neemix patent essay

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Neemix Patent.

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Neemix patent essay

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Ann Farrell Ethical Research With Children (1) 12Melopdf.5/5(1). Brazil: Sao Bernardo Do Campo. Neemix is a natural biopesticide developed by W. R. Grace from the neem tree, which is indigenous to rural India.

Because of its medicinal and religious use by rural Indians for more than 1, years, the Foundation on Economic Trends is protesting Grace's patenting of Neemix.

Frequently inventors will ask me if it is a good idea for them to prepare and file their own patent applications. Whenever I am asked such a question I .

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The B case describes W. R. Grace's sale of the Neemix Division to Ecotek and the continuing activist movement that questions the patentability of indigenous products like Neemix.

See also the A case (E).