Online microbiology course

Wikipedia If you aim to earn a science degree online —chemistry, biology, anatomy, physics, health sciencesengineering or environmental studies —you'll need to complete one or more online science labs.

Online microbiology course

Microbiology Biology Online Degree Objectives Those who seek their PhD or Masters in biology online may find that the program is highly research-focused. Other goals of online biology programs might include those listed below.

Help grad students grasp key concepts, identify and solve basic biological problems Boost the ability to think critically and solve problems Foster new ideas Explore new areas of science Design, implement, and evaluate scientific investigations Assess, interpret, and understand data Contribute original thought through a MS thesis or PhD dissertation Online Biology Student Experience Students who pursue a biology degree online may be able to access their courses anytime, which could lessen the pressure if you work full time.

Students typically work with an advisor to select coursework. Plus biology faculty members often have online office hours or are reachable for questions.

Finally, many online graduate programs in biology offer support through tutors, career services, librarians, and writing centers. Contact individual online biology schools to learn what resources might be available.

For instance, a school may have small class size to promote thoughtful discussion and contact between students and faculty. E-mail, electronic forums, videoconferencing, chat rooms, bulletin boards, instant messaging and other forms of computer-based interaction are often used for these purposes.

Or, the university might use a satellite network to carry live on-campus classes to students at multiple corporate sites. Some graduate students may choose to earn a general MS or PhD in biology with a focal point that mirrors an interest.

This could be emerging infectious diseases or human biology.

Online microbiology course

Each school presents different options. Other students may know early on they want to pursue an online biology degree with a narrower theme. Biochemistry Genetics and Genomics Online Biochemistry Graduate Programs Online Biochemistry graduate programs may offer courses in biochemistry, molecular genetics, medicinal chemistry and cancer studies.

Future students may need to have a bachelors degree in biochemistry or related degree and prerequisite coursework e. Also, students may take various electives to tailor their program to their needs. These courses could cover immunology and the development of disease. Often courses that expand on biomedical techniques are completed at a distance site in consultation with school staff.

Applicants may need a Bachelors degree in a life science or chemistry and prerequisite coursework e.

Online microbiology course

Some programs of this nature may be available as post-masters programs. They may introduce students to the basics of bioinformatics as well as genomic analysis and other advanced topics. Online Masters in Biology Applicants to online masters biology programs typically need to have a Bachelors in Biology or related degree, minimum GPA, referral letters and an essay.

Also, they may have to specify a planned program of study at the outset. And, they may have to choose a thesis or non-thesis option.

That said, like campus students, those who pursue their Masters in biology online may be able to design a course of study to meet their own career goals.

Graduate Study

Also, they may have the opportunity to conduct independent research and study, as well as to collaborate through threaded discussion boards. Online Graduate Certificate in Biology Online graduate certificate in biology programs may provide an enhanced skill-set, extra credential or option along the way to a masters degree.

For instance, some online graduate biology courses for teachers are offered as certificates. They might help a current educator learn how to teach biology or fulfill credit requirements that are part of a state license process.

Or a current scientist who already has a solid base in biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology may enroll to develop bioinformatics skills to design experiments and analyze data.

Topics and requirements may vary widely, so it's best to contact schools directly for details. Online PhD Biology Programs Biology PhD online programs are designed to prepare students to become scholars, scientists and independent researchers. Aside from core courses, PhD candidates may choose from focused topics in biology.

These may span molecular biology, cell biology, neurobiology and bacteriology.Microbiology Training Courses Our microbiology training courses can be tailored to ensure that your key personnel are fully versed in up-to-date methods and best practice.

As bacteria are an ever-evolving threat in oil and gas extraction, microbiology training courses are essential to ensure that personnel are equipped with the knowledge and. The Microbiology degree program offers options in general microbiology and medical technology, leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology.

Requirements for the general microbiology option and for the medical technology option are the same except that Biol is required for the medical technology option. Principles of Animal Science is an introductory course into all faces of animal and food sciences. The course will introduce students to the world of animal agriculture and allow them to become more familiar with common terminology, physiology, practices and other aspects of many animal industries.

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BIOLOGY ONLINE at Stony Brook University is committed to providing quality biology courses to students world wide. Our courses are designed for ease of navigation, peer-to peer learning, and the integration of content knowledge with critical scientific thought.

Biology Courses. In order to help you find courses in your areas of interest, we have grouped the biology courses under general topic headings, based on our level courses.

This list includes courses that might not be offered every year and may not include new courses.

Resource: Unseen Life on Earth: An Introduction to Microbiology