Princess diana outline

Share Home to a nation stunned in shock Before a nation could mourn, it had to believe. As dawn broke on Sunday, August 31,homes across the country echoed to the sound of early morning phone calls and radios and televisions being turned on. There was a power surge as millions of kettles were simultaneously boiled. Disbelief turned to anguish.

Princess diana outline

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I firmly believe that there exist documents held by the British Secret Intelligence Service MI6 that would yield important new evidence into the cause and circumstances leading to the deaths of the Princess of Wales, Mr Dodi Al Fayed, and M.

Henri Paul in Paris in August I was employed by MI6 between September and April During that time, I saw various documents that I believe would provide new evidence and new leads into the investigation into these deaths.

Princess diana outline

I also heard various rumours, which though I was not able to see supporting documents I am confident were based on solid fact. InI was working in the Eastern European Controllerate of MI6 and I was peripherally involved in a large and complicated operation to smuggle advanced Soviet weaponry out of the then disintegrating and disorganised remnants Princess diana outline the Soviet Princess diana outline.

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DuringI spent several days reading the substantial files on this operation. These files contain a wide miscellany of contact notes, telegrams, intelligence reports, photographs etc, from which it was possible to build up a detailed understanding of the operation.

The operation involved a large cast of officers and agents of MI6. On more than one occasion, meetings between various figures in the operation took place at the Ritz Hotel, Place de Vendome, Paris. There were in the file several intelligence reports on these meetings, which had been written by one of the MI6 officers based in Paris at the time identified in the file only by a coded designation.

The source of the information was an informant in the Ritz Hotel, who again was identified in the files only by a code number. The MI6 officer paid the informant in cash for his information. I became curious to learn more about the identity of this particular informant, because his number cropped up several times and he seemed to have extremely good access to the goings on in the Ritz Hotel.

When I read this new file, I was not at all surprised to learn that the informant was a security officer of the Ritz Hotel. Intelligence services always target the security officers of important hotels because they have such good access to intelligence.

I remember, however, being mildly surprised that the nationality of this informant was French, and this stuck in my memory, because it is rare that MI6 succeeds in recruiting a French informer.


I cannot claim that I remember from this reading of the file that the name of this person was Henri Paul, but I have no doubt with the benefit of hindsight that this was he.

Although I did not subsequently come across Henri Paul again during my time in MI6, I am confident that the relationship between he and MI6 would have continued until his death, because MI6 would never willingly relinquish control over such a well-placed informant.

Princess diana outline

I am sure that the personal file of Henri Paul will therefore contain notes of meetings between him and his MI6 controlling officer right up until the point of his death. I firmly believe that these files will contain evidence of crucial importance to the circumstances and causes of the incident that killed M.

The most senior undeclared officer in the local MI6 station would normally control an informant of M. Officers declared to the local counter-intelligence service in this case the Directorate de Surveillance Territoire, or DST would not be used to control such an informant, because it might lead to the identity of the informant becoming known to the local intelligence services.

I firmly believe that either one or both of these officers will be well acquainted with M Paul, and most probably also met M. Paul shortly before his death.

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I believe that either or both of these officers will have knowledge that will be of crucial importance in establishing the sequence of events leading up to the deaths of M. As such, he would have been privy to even the most confidential of MI6 operations.

I believe that there may well be significance in the fact that Mr Spearman was posted to Paris in the month immediately before the deaths.

Later inas the civil war in the former Yugoslavia became increasingly topical, I started to work primarily on operations in Serbia. During one meeting with Dr Fishwick, he casually showed to me a three-page document that on closer inspection turned out to be an outline plan to assassinate the Serbian leader President Slobodan Milosevic.View Notes - Informative Speech outline spr08 from COMM at Texas State University.

DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES: THE PEOPLE'S PRINCESS Topic: Presentation about a Person Organization: Topical. Lady Diana didn't want to be a princess!


In the secret tapes when she was asked if she wanted to be a princess,she said It was never before front of my mind marrying my hu sband,it was a long.

This was the same type of incident that occurred for Princess Diana, who was just Diana at the time. The sunlight coming through was the culprit drawing the outline of her figure underneath her skirt as well. Full Sentence Outline Tribute to Princess Diana Specific Purpose Statement: To inform the audience about Princess Diana and her contributions to the world.

Thesis: Princess Diana was a very kind hearted woman, noble by blood, famous by marriage, but used her public light in a positive way.

Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson used to go to Wimbledon together - and now Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are too.

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