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In the Classical era, when the Mousai were assigned specific artistic and literary spheres, Ourania was named Muse of astronomy and astronomical writings. In this guise she was depicted pointing at a celestial globe with a rod. One of the Muses, a daughter of Zeus by Mnemosyne. The ancient bard Linus is called her son by Apollo Hygin.

Project muse

Schreiber of Esslingen I really like the fancy elements on theaters like this one. Shreiber Paper Theater Sheets This first image is a digital composition I did using various elements included in this post.

The theater surround or "Proscenium" is my digital adaptation on an original unassembled sheet. Many of these toy theater Proscenuim sheets came in "to be assembled" format like shown here. This post is about the Schreiber Rococo No.

Schrieber produced another Proscenuim sheet with a similar number - see below J. Schreiber also made a Paper Theater Sheet No.

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Even though both theater sheets carry a similar number and both are striking, they are nothing alike. A bit about J. Schreiber Jakob Schreiber was the founder of the J. They were one of the top printers of Paper Theater sheets due to having detailed, quality products.

Schreiber were among some of the best available. Schreiber produced a nice selection of proscenium, curtains, scenery sheets and over 80 different character sheets; many of which reference children stories.

If antique prints and prices are not your thing there are a few companies that have reprints available for the modern enthusiast. There is also Project muse nice selection of "Papieren Theaters" on the site; however there is little information listed about each one.

An interesting item I discovered while working with this theater image is that the "2 upper bridge pieces" do not really line up well "color wise" when assembled.

I even examined a number of vintage assembled theaters of the Schreiber Rococo online and noticed several of them do not line up seamlessly either. I was able to repair this color glitch on the assembled digital version I created and was quite please with the final result - I hope you agree.

If you try and use the above sheet to assemble a theater the finished result is a bit "off" aesthetically. Here is an example of a vintage assembled Rococo Theater showing the issue described above. Vintage Assembled Schreiber Rococo Theater found at http: I found that aspect of the original to be too distracting and made corrections to my "assembled" version to correct it.

The next item I needed to consider while adapting my version, was what to do about a base. The original sheet does not have one so again a did a bit more research and found a variety of ways the original sheet was assembled in past years.

Some had a base drawer as seen in the above photo. Others had a plain pedestal wood base and so forth. I even found an example of this theater at an auction site where the entire theater was made narrower maybe to avoid the odd top strip or simply because the other images that person had required a narrower theater???

The top left appears as a slightly wider theater since the sides were assembled farther apart from the upper sections.

Project muse

The theater on the top right was assembled as the instruction diagram in the sheet showed. The bottom two examples have been made into narrower theaters where the 2-part cherub strip was shortened so that all the side edges form a straight line; rather than the arched section being slightly shorter.

The bottom left version shows a built up stage area or footer; and the one on the bottom right has a built up pedestal which is made up of a duplicate cherub strip.

I liked the original size of the theater and the duplicated cherub strip on the bottom from the last theater so that is the configuration I chose to go with for my digital version. I consider this an all in one adaptation that can still be modified later on should I want a different look.

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If you are working with a printout of this version you can cut it up as needed to slightly alter the look. The curtain can be cut out, the base can be removed; and if you remove the base, then the sides can be cut away and slid farther over to make a slightly wider theater.

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