The challenger

Even deeper was the impact on the NASA.

The challenger

Challenger on the launchpad Arrow indicating leaking O-ring on The challenger After the space shuttle Challenger and its crew were destroyed in a fiery, catastrophic explosion on January 28,NASA appointed members of the Rogers Commission to investigate the cause of the disaster.

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When he was asked to be a part of this commission, Feynman rather reluctantly accepted. Little did he know that he would be the one person to discover the exact cause of the explosion. Feynman was always the inquisitive type; he had to have the facts.

To find out what happened to the shuttle, he went straight to the people who put the shuttle together. He learned many things from these people that would help him to discover the cause of the explosion; and also information that helped him realize what a risky business flying a shuttle really is.

He also learned that rubber used to seal the solid rocket booster joints using O-rings, failed to expand when the temperature was at or below 32 degrees F 0 degrees C. The temperature at the time of the Challenger liftoff was 32 degrees F.

The challenger

Ice, of course, is 32 degrees F. At this point one needs to understand exactly what role the O-rings play in the solid rocket booster SRB joints.

The challenger

If there is an opening in a joint in the SRB, the gas tries to escape through that opening think of it like water in a tea kettle escaping through the spout.

This flicker turned into a flame and began heating the fuel tank, which then ruptured. When this happened, the fuel tank released liquid hydrogen into the atmosphere where it exploded.

As Feynman explained, because the O-rings cannot expand in 32 degree weather, the gas finds gaps in the joints, which led to the explosion of the booster and then the shuttle itself.Oct 22,  · Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack.

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The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster