What characteristics should a hero possess

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What characteristics should a hero possess

Your entire order is weak. You've done nothing to stop the Sith Empire's advances. Alternate stories are noted in the " Behind the scenes " section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity. The Initiate took a shuttle down to the planet's surface and arrived at the remote meditation temple known as the Masters' Retreat.

The Byronic Hero is a type of character popularized by the works of Lord Byron, whose protagonists often embodied this archetype (though they did exist before him).This trope gained prominence during benjaminpohle.commes an Anti-Hero, others an Anti-Villain, or even Just a Villain, Byronic heroes are charismatic characters with strong passions and ideals, but who are nonetheless deeply flawed. 1. Real People With People Problems. Antagonists are just people. Er, unless they’re insane sex-bots, sentient washing machines, serial killer dinosaurs, or hyper-intelligent window treatments. What characteristics should a hero possess? There is no particular answer to this question since one can be considered a ordinary person even he actually commits his whole life to the people or even sacrifices his own life for the people while one can considered a hero by .

There, the student met with Jedi Knight Derrin Wellerwho was about to send the Jedi to the Jedi Temple in order to meet with the other Masters, when Weller received an emergency signal from a Bith apprentice named Unaw Aharo.

Aharo reported that Tython's native Flesh Raiders had begun to swarm into the nearby Tythonian Gnarls region, armed with blasters and headed for the Jedi outpost in the area. As the Gnarls Outpost was relatively undefended, Weller decided to send the Initiate to reinforce the Jedi in the Gnarls, and the student took an air taxi across the lake to the outpost.

After the Jedi fought off a number of attacks by the violent Flesh Raiders with a vibroswordthe apprentice was contacted again by Weller, who had also joined the fight at the Outpost. Weller had learned that the Flesh Raiders were entering the area through a nearby cavebut as the other Jedi were busy holding back the attack and Weller had been wounded, the Jedi Master asked the apprentice to seal the cave.

Across the Gnarls, the Jedi entered the cave and fought a path through the Flesh Raiders that were headed the other way until the student finally reached the end of the main cave. When the apprentice reached the back of the cave, the Human, a Dark Jedi named Callefprepared to execute Aharo with his lightsaber and informed the injured Bith that he would be the first of many Jedi to fall.

However, when the second Jedi interrupted the conversation, Callef instead turned his blade on the stronger of the two apprentices and attacked the newly arrived Initiate. Yet even with only a vibrosword, the apprentice was able to fend off Callef's attacks and kill both the Dark Jedi and his Flesh Raider guards.

As Callef's weapon fell to the floor, another figure arrived: When the Master recovered Callef's saber from the fallen Human's body, Din was troubled by a strange sense of familiarity in the weapon's design, but used the Force to collapse the next part of tunnel and end the threat to the Gnarls.

What characteristics should a hero possess

Before he escorted the wounded Aharo to safety, Din told the other apprentice to go to the Jedi Temple and wait to be contacted. The Grand Master applauded the student's defeat of Callef, but questioned the young Jedi on the role of emotion and reminded the learner to look to the Jedi Code for guidance.

Shan then escorted the apprentice to the Council chamberwhere the other members of the Council questioned the student on the events in the Gnarls.

Master Din surprised the rest of the Council when he declared that he would take on the Initiate as his own Padawanhis first student in a decade. Though Din expressed his preference of action over discussion, he also reminded his new student of the values of considering the consequences before acting, and then gave the Jedi a new assignment: However, she agreed to reveal what her people knew of the Flesh Raiders' movements for a price: At that point, the matriarch was forced to retire because of her illness, and her daughter Ranna Tao'Ven and the Scout Chief Moorint took over the negotiations.

Moorint wanted the Padawan to destroy the weapons and deny the Flesh Raiders a tactical advantage, but Tao'Ven believed that the village would be better off if the Jedi recovered the weapons instead of destroying them, so that the village could defend itself.

After the Jedi thought over the matter, Din's Padawan agreed with Tao'Ven and decided to recover the weapons. After Teeseven's restraining bolt was removed, the Padawan learned that the droid was a reconnaissance droid for the Order, and the pair returned to Kalikori with the weapons.

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After the pair witnessed a villager named Saylew —whose wife had died in an attack while the Padawan was gone—angrily arguing with Din and Tao'Ven, the Jedi gave the weapons to the settlers. The Padawan then showed Din the recording that Teeseven had made of a mysterious figure that issued orders to Callef and the Flesh Raiders, and Din recognized the voice of the figure when shown the hologram.The Hemingway Hero is defined by a static set of characteristics.

These characteristics remain essentially the same throughout all of Hemingway's works.

What characteristics should a hero possess

Characters come mostly from lower-class families, instead of middle class homes. Settings are often harsh and difficult places to live. Earlier novels tended to be idyllic.

The Hero of Tython was a powerful Jedi Knight and later Jedi Master who battled the reconstituted Sith Empire during the Cold War and subsequent Galactic War, serving as the Battlemaster of the Jedi Order.

Born before the end of the Great Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith. Deinonychosauria Colbert and Russell, Definition- (Deinonychus antirrhopus. 1. Real People With People Problems. Antagonists are just people. Er, unless they’re insane sex-bots, sentient washing machines, serial killer dinosaurs, or hyper-intelligent window treatments.

The hero of a piece of literature is usually the protagonist, or main character. If that were the case with "Paradise Lost," then we'd have to say that Satan is the hero because he is the protagonist.

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