What makes a teacher an effective

Over children from some 50 countries aged contributed their opinions. What follows are some of their responses. You can also submit your ideas on the topic.

What makes a teacher an effective

What are the most important attributes an effective school counselor should have? This week, in honor of National School Counseling Week February 7 though 11Education World asked school counselors to reflect on what makes them effective.

We are pleased to share their thoughtful and illuminating -- and often heartwarming -- responses. National School Counseling Week -- February 7 through 11 -- is a time to celebrate the unique contributions that school counselors make to What makes a teacher an effective school communities.

The week also affords school counselors an opportunity to feature their on-going efforts and to highlight their visions for their schools. As school counselors take stock of their visions and accomplishments this week, Education World wondered What attributes do effective school counselors have?

She asked leaders in the counseling field to share their thoughts with Education World. The answers were as diverse as the counselors themselves, but one common theme came through -- counselors care deeply about their work and the students and schools they serve.

Teachers recognize the book as a great tool for honing students' observation skills. When one teacher at Kreeger Elementary School in Fowlerville, Michigan, recently challenged kids to create their own Important Books, one student wrote a page dedicated to her school counselor.

Counselor Judy Standley shared with Education World the heart-tugging sentiment that the student wrote: I do know that lots of other people listen, but she listens the most. She tells stories with important morals.

What makes a teacher an effective

She listens to you and tells no one. She is an important counselor. But the important thing about Mrs. It was the most common -- and perhaps least surprising -- response we received.

The insight that counselors shared about that choice tells us even more!

What makes a teacher an effective

The bright and resilient little girl's life had been colored by the horrors of neglect, substance abuse, and family incarcerations.

Then, one morning, Severy found on her desk a box -- clearly wrapped by a young person -- and a card, addressed in the beautiful awkward cursive of a child. It read Thank you for being a special person who really cares to listen and hear me. I wish you a very happy Mother's Day.

Her mom was incarcerated, and [the child] was living with another family. One never knows that what we say or do can be significant in the life of a child. Larry Steele thinks often about the importance of listening too. Cormany, executive director of the Pennsylvania School Counselor Association.

Hatridge, past president of the Missouri School Counselor Association, goes along with that. Empathy leads to good listening and a better ability to help the client come up with solutions. It also helps the student feel more comfortable and willing to open up to a counselor.

That should be a prerequisite for anyone who is going to serve as a student advocate, said Beckie Meyer, an assistant professor in the school counseling department at Millersville Pennsylvania University. Meyer reflected recently for Education World on her 23 years as a teacher and an elementary school counselor.

Students must want to seek out that person when in need. Students can tell if we are warm and inviting and whether or not they can entrust us with their stories.The Effective Lesson. There are certain ways to improve and create an effective lesson.. 1) Direct instruction is a type of instruction that occurs when a teacher transmits information directly to students, and structures a class to reach a clearly defined set of objectives.

It is especially good when teaching well-defined information or skills that a student must master. For an explanation of how this information relates to lesson planning and implementation, be sure to visit the ADPRIMA Instruction System page by clicking here. Here is a page devoted to classroom management mistakes often made by new teachers.

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